Windows, Stuttgart

The new “Windows” office and business building is an architectural highlight in the centre of Stuttgart. The building gets its name from its façade, from which smaller, individual elements protrude rather like open drawers from the “skin” of the office block. These elements structure the building, giving it a look all of its own, creating points of reference in the streetscape and symbolizing its open, flexible design. Windows has seven floors with attractive and flexibly designed office spaces which are occupied by a leading international audit and consulting company.


Partition wall system 3400:

  • 12 mm laminated safety and sound-insulation glass - Ceiling-to-floor door elements, veneered surface
  • 65 mm sound-insulated door leaf
  • Aluminium door frames covered on both faces with veneered panels
  • High-performance air transfer grills integrated discretely into the door side sections


Partition wall system 2000: 

  • Melamine resin-coated surface
  • Panels with horizontal subdivision acting as rails for organizational accessories
  • 50 per cent of the wall surface is made up of high-performance, slitted absorber elements


Projektdokumentation (PDF_3,4 MB)

Builder Phoenix, Stuttgart
Architect Schaller Architekten, Stuttgart
Photographie Huber Fotodesign
Partition systems 2000, 3400
Acoustic systems 7000
Accessory systems System Orga