Sound insulation

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Sound insulation.

Our strength: good acoustics and a concentrated working atmosphere.


The sound insulation of all Strähle partition wall and Kubus products is the most important feature. Good sound insulation is the decisive factor for a concentrated working atmosphere. In modern offices in particular, the important things are the acoustic separation of communicative areas and zones for meetings, and discretion. We incorporate our competence in partition walls and our experience with acoustically effective materials to develop high quality solutions.

Strähle room systems can be combined just like a building kit in accordance with the relevant sound insulation requirements. The elements are available as single or double shell components. For example, the required sound insulation values are achieved with different glass combinations, weighting solid walls, wall thicknesses of 125 mm or absorber elements integrated into the wall. All of the elements are tested on test benches in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15140-3 by independent institutes, taking DIN 4109 (sound insulation in superstructure construction) into account. The compatibility of the systems ensures that the appearance is consistent.



Building acoustics is a field of building physics and acoustics that studies the effect of construction conditions on the spread of sound between rooms. Partition wall systems reduce sound transmission between rooms. Noise is reduced so as not to disturb work processes in neighbouring rooms and to preserve discretion.

Important parameters


  • R w: sound insulation value of a component without considering the adjoining elements
  • R w, P: sound insulation value of a component without considering the adjoining elements, measured on the workbench
  • R’w: sound insulation value of a component considering the adjoining elements, measured at the construction site

Sound insulation 


  • System 2000         Rw,P  =  30 - 56 dB
  • System 2300         Rw,P  =  41 - 54 dB
  • System 3400         Rw,P  =  32 - 41 dB
  • System 3500         Rw,P  =  40 - 47 dB
  • System T                Rw,P  =  41 - 44 dB
  • System MTS          Rw,P  =  42 - 47 dB
  • Kubus I                   Dn,T,W  =  28 - 32 dB
  • Kubus II                  Dn,T,W  =  36 dB